What would a true #DayofEquity look like?

This project started as a way to flip an all-too-familiar narrative. We know what inequality, inequity, and injustice look like. We see these things every day in our daily lives.

So as part of the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s 15th year anniversary celebration, we’ve asked families, leaders, and our elected representatives to weigh in on what we’re really working toward. If we were able to achieve an aspirational #DayofEquity, what would it look like? What concerns would have been addressed?

Above all, to the Marguerite Casey Foundation community, a #DayofEquity would be when all families —across race, ethnicity, geography, and income — have an equal voice in the policies that affect their lives.

What would a just and equitable day look like to you?

Get involved:

  • Upload a video describing your vision for a #DayofEquity.
  • Take a photo of yourself with a completed #DayofEquity sign from our Toolkit.
  • Create a #DayofEquity drawing, poem, or short story and upload it to the site.
  • Keep the conversation going on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag #DayofEquity.