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Affordable Child Care is Part of a #DayofEquity

Michael Phalen shares a vision for a just and equitable day.

Valerie Wilson describes a #DayofEquity for working people

EPI economist Valerie Wilson describes a what a Day of Equity would look like for a working person in America. This video is part of the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s #DayofEquity campaign to flip the narrative of inequality to that of equity, and present to the country a shared vision of a better world.

Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy & Research, Demos on #DayofEquity

Tamara Draut, Vice President of Research and Policy at Demos, supports the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s #dayofequity campaign.

DayofEquity Trailer

Introduction to the #DayofEquity

Alicia Garza, National Domestic Workers Alliance and Black Lives Matter

A Day of Equity to Alicia is a day when domestic workers who care for the people we love the most are cared for fully.

Alberto Retana, Community Coalition for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment

A Day of Equity for Alberto will happen when universal rights benefit all people equally and when all communities feel comfortable, safe and represented in the democratic process.

Sally Lew, Equal Voice Southern California Families Network Weaver

A Day of Equity to Sally Lew is a day when everyone get quality education, healthcare services, and issues as mass incarceration and homelessness have been eliminated.