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When Education Spending Outpaces Prison Spending

For John, a #DayofEquity will be possible when education gets prioritized ahead of expanding prisons. Read our policy recommendations related to education and criminal justice reform here:

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray’s vision for a #DayofEquity

Sen. Patty Murray of WA talks about what a just and equitable day would look like.

A #DayofEquity Includes Great Schools for All Students

Richard Allen Smith’s vision for a #DayofEquity includes great schools for all students. Watch, then take a look at our education policy recommendations here:

Education Without Financial Burden

Azella Humetewa’s #DayofEquity would be a day when all students have an opportunity to pursue higher education. Humetewa is the operations coordinator at the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque.

Carol McDonald’s Day of Equity

Watch Carol McDonald talk about what a #DayofEquity would look like at Netroots Nation.

Marc Morial, President & CEO of the National Urban League

A Day of Equity for Marc Morial is about ACCESS!

DayofEquity Trailer

Introduction to the #DayofEquity

Anabella Bastida – Council of Mexican Federations

A Day of Equity for Anabella Bastida means justice, it means that our working families have the resources to feed their families. Equity for our working families means liberty to travel without the fear of being deported.

Josh Healey: Writer, Performer and Creative Activist

What is a Day of Equity? For Josh, a Day of Equity includes free education, free health care and free people.

Devona Robertson, COPE

A Day of Equity for Devona looks like a day when all the organizations present at Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Regional Grantee Meeting in San Diego do not have to exist.

Maria Luiz, Inner City Struggle

Un día de la equidad para Maria , sería tener la oportunidad , como padre , para defender los derechos de sus hijos y de otros estudiantes de Los Ángeles.