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U.S. Sen. Patty Murray’s vision for a #DayofEquity

Sen. Patty Murray of WA talks about what a just and equitable day would look like.

Chris talks about a #DayofEquity

For the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s 15th anniversary, we launched the Day of Equity campaign to flip the narrative of inequality to that of equity, and provide a vision for an equitable and just society. By asking the question, “What would a Day of Equity look like to you?” we’re asking people to share their vision… Continue Reading Chris talks about a #DayofEquity

Valerie Wilson describes a #DayofEquity for working people

EPI economist Valerie Wilson describes a what a Day of Equity would look like for a working person in America. This video is part of the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s #DayofEquity campaign to flip the narrative of inequality to that of equity, and present to the country a shared vision of a better world.

Marc Morial, President & CEO of the National Urban League

A Day of Equity for Marc Morial is about ACCESS!

Equity = Equal opportunities for women

Rio Grande Valley resident on her view of equity

Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy & Research, Demos on #DayofEquity

Tamara Draut, Vice President of Research and Policy at Demos, supports the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s #dayofequity campaign.

DayofEquity Trailer

Introduction to the #DayofEquity

Alicia Garza, National Domestic Workers Alliance and Black Lives Matter

A Day of Equity to Alicia is a day when domestic workers who care for the people we love the most are cared for fully.

Devona Robertson, COPE

A Day of Equity for Devona looks like a day when all the organizations present at Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Regional Grantee Meeting in San Diego do not have to exist.

Maria Luiz, Inner City Struggle

Un día de la equidad para Maria , sería tener la oportunidad , como padre , para defender los derechos de sus hijos y de otros estudiantes de Los Ángeles.