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U.S. Rep. Mark Takano’s Vision for a #DayofEquity

U.S. Congressman Mark Takano of California talks about what a just and equitable day would look like.

Ryan Collins talks about a #DayofEquity

For the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s 15th anniversary, we launched the Day of Equity campaign to flip the narrative of inequality to that of equity, and provide a vision for an equitable and just society. By asking the question, “What would a Day of Equity look like to you?” we’re asking people to share their vision… Continue Reading Ryan Collins talks about a #DayofEquity

Educator Leroy Silva Talks About a Day of Equal Access to Health Care

Leroy Silva, the junior/senior dean at the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, talks about what a #DayofEquity would look like. Silva is from the Pueblo of Laguna in New Mexico.

Marc Morial, President & CEO of the National Urban League

A Day of Equity for Marc Morial is about ACCESS!

Tamara Draut, Vice President of Policy & Research, Demos on #DayofEquity

Tamara Draut, Vice President of Research and Policy at Demos, supports the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s #dayofequity campaign.

DayofEquity Trailer

Introduction to the #DayofEquity

Josh Healey: Writer, Performer and Creative Activist

What is a Day of Equity? For Josh, a Day of Equity includes free education, free health care and free people.

Devona Robertson, COPE

A Day of Equity for Devona looks like a day when all the organizations present at Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Regional Grantee Meeting in San Diego do not have to exist.