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Joint Center #DayofEquity – Voting Rights

The Joint Center believes a #DayofEquity in voting rights looks like reducing wait times to vote in Black & Latino communities, modernizing voter registration, expanding early voting, fairly allocating resources, adding new voting resources, and recording wait time data.

Tamara Draut’s #DayofEquity

Tamara talks about what a #DayofEquity would look like.

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray’s vision for a #DayofEquity

Sen. Patty Murray of WA talks about what a just and equitable day would look like.

Chris talks about a #DayofEquity

For the Marguerite Casey Foundation’s 15th anniversary, we launched the Day of Equity campaign to flip the narrative of inequality to that of equity, and provide a vision for an equitable and just society. By asking the question, “What would a Day of Equity look like to you?” we’re asking people to share their vision… Continue Reading Chris talks about a #DayofEquity

Russell Roybal of the National LGBTQ Task Force: A Day Without Fear

Russell Roybal, the deputy executive director of the National LGBTQ Task Force, talks about what a #DayofEquity would look like.

Alicia Garza, National Domestic Workers Alliance and Black Lives Matter

A Day of Equity to Alicia is a day when domestic workers who care for the people we love the most are cared for fully.

Jose Luis Marantes, Florida Immigrant Coalition

For Jose, a Day of Equity would be a day when all will be treated equally and viewed by their contributions to society, not by their legal status.